What type of Visa do I qualify for?

P-1 Athlete Visa

Available for athletes who compete at “an internationally recognized” level of performance who have achieved "international recognition."  Not for casual competitor or former competitors.  

P1-S Essential Support Visa

P-1-S Essential Support Visa

Suitable for grooms, or other essential support personnel 

O1-A Extraordinary Ability

Suitable for only the highest level riders, horse trainers and grooms. 

Available to persons of extraordinary ability in "athletics," including horse trainers and/or upper level grooms. 

O2-Persons Assisting O1 Visa Holder

O-2 Person Assisting O–1 Visa holder

Suitable for grooms or other essential support personnel

J1-Training Visa's

 Suitable for many positions, including rider, groom or  barn manager

Individual applies through special sponsoring organizations.

Not feasible for nationals from some countries.


H1-B Professionals and Specialty Occupation Visa

H-1B Professionals And Specialty Occupation Visa 

Suitable for veterinarians, other professionals and managers with college degrees 

Requires membership in the profession or certain recognized specialty occupations. 

H2-B Temporary/Seasonal Workers

H-2B Temporary/Seasonal Workers

Suitable for grooms and other temporary or seasonal staff

H-3 Culturally Unique

H-3 "Culturally Unique" Visa 

Suitable for individuals who perform or  teach  a  "culturally unique" activity 

Must establish the activity is part of an overall program promoting a "culturally unique" art or activity